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Learn how to build highly engaging customer experience to drive faster results.

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Learn how to adapt your project management organization to excel in ever changing business environment by transforming your organization into a lean nimble machine!

Blockchain is rapidly challenging many industries by transforming the way business is run. Learn more how to leverage blockchain technology to explore new frontiers of growth.

Made great advances on your Agile journey, still struggling to get the real velocity! Bust the myth - learn how to engineer your way into the age of disruption.

Digital is disrupting every industry and customers are demanding better experiences like never before. Learn how to tame the digital dragon!


Empower your customers with everything they always wanted to know, build trust, create brand loyalty, better conversion, better ROI. Tracemybite uses Blockchain, IoT to provide provenance and AR technology to render engaging customer experiences.

Empower customers: brand loyalty

With the increasing health awareness and mounting global recalls, customers are demanding deep insights into your products and quality processes. Millennials are no longer buying products based on what's on the cover and they are spending more time researching your products. Empower your customers with personalized data and experiences to accelerate ROI.

Better customer engagement: increased sales

With Tracemybite your customers can engage with your brand like never before. They will have all insights about your product on their fingertips by simply scanning the QR code in-store or online. Provide enriching customer experience by leveraging AR technology to demonstrate your products journey from farm to fork.

Digital meets physical: omnichannel experience

With physical retail stores converting into experience stores it's imperative for companies to join the physical and digital experiences. It's all about personalized omnichannel experience to customers no matter how they engage with you. Tracemybite, not only stiches your offline and online experiences but also help engage with your customers pre and post sales. This provides tremendous cross & up sell opportunity in addition to brand stickiness.